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RTV PU duplication, vacuum casting
Our Services | RTV/PU Casting
 RTV/PU Casting in Dongguan, China

Our PU castings are not painted after vacuum casting. All of our castings pick up their polish or texture directly from the RTV silicone mold and we pigment our high quality vacuum casting resins to match your colour requirement.
Rapman Hong Kong Ltd's vacuum casting resins come from the European company Axson. Click here to download English datasheet about our vaccum casting resins.
We have worked very hard to develop our European RTV duplication/PU casting process and we believe that you will not find better quality RTV duplication/PU casting in China.
Our main objective is to save you time and money, so that you get your products to market as quickly as possible, within budget.
Contact us today at Rapman Ltd. to discuss your requirements.
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